Entertainment Philosophy

A storyteller in the classic sense,  Dan has developed into a dynamic performer, creator, writer and producer across music, film, TV and new media over his vast journey in the entertainment business.

The Good, The Bad & The Between EP
The Good, The Bad & The Between EP

DevAngel performs She Gets Me at Boardner's Club Moscow 2.0 in Hollywood, March 18th, 2015.

2011 Acting Reel, 2015 coming.

The amazingly out of this World Webisode Space Hospital from the minds of Robert Poe and Sig Ueland.  Guest starring Dan as

The Robot Baby-Savior in Series 1 & 2 and featuring DevAngel's Instant Honey in series 2.

Sketch weirdness from Dan's early days in Hollywood with Dry Hump Comedy where he acted, wrote and produced with the truly talented DH gang.

Steamroom performed live by Dry Hump Comedy at The Lounge Theatre in Hollywood, Summer 2006 with Dan as the unforgettable, charismatic and  atrociously magnetic Dank Bush.


Hailing from Minneapolis and currently residing in Los Angeles, Dan began turning heads soon after moving to Chicago in 1999 and honing his craft on the stage and  in the rich Chicago indy film scene. After landing his first feature film role in 2000 as Bobby MaGhee in Mark Murphy's 'Constructing Mulligan's Stew', Dan was off and running on his lifelong storytelling journey as an actor, writer, producer, musician and singer, currently leading his ultra-catchy and edgy band DevAngel. Dan truly is a multi-threat crossover entertainer of five talents who creates, develops, collaborates and produces across all media and genres in addition to being a very gifted performer.

Soon after arriving in LA in 2003, filmmaker Delvin Molden cast Dan as the fish out of water, rookie parole officer Myers in his first LA feature film, the urban comedy 'Out On Parole' staring Tony Roberts and Speedy.


Dan continued adding tools to his repertoire and joined the talented Dry Hump Comedy group where he acted, wrote, and produced live and filmed sketch comedy with the likes of Jill Bartlett, Mike Nelson, Ward Roberts and many more.

Having grown up the youngest of three brothers in Minnesota, Dan learned to ice skate and walk around the same time and has been an avid hockey player all of his life. In middle school, he discovered another of his passions, skateboarding, and throughout the mid and late 80s competed in vert riding contests across the Country. At age 15, Dan co-founded the now defunct 'Beacon' skateboards and 'FLOW' skatezine, but continues to hit the neighborhood skatepark for a little bowl riding when he can. Dan is the proud father of Dagger James Tomasetta Ramberg with the love of his life Bella Tomasetta.

Dan's closest and oldest friends say that he is a man who walks to the beat of his own drum and draws great inspiration from uncompromising visionaries Sean Penn, Clint Eastwood, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Michael Douglas, and the most influential in his entertainment philosophy Joel and Ethan Cohen. His biggest hero is David Bowie.

While he has continued to work steadily in the entertainment business, be on the lookout for Dan Ramberg as his career continues to grow in opportunity rich Hollywood.