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A storyteller in the classic sense,  Dan has developed into a dynamic performer, creator, writer and producer across music, film, TV and new media over his vast journey in the entertainment business.

The Good, The Bad & The Between EP
The Good, The Bad & The Between EP

DevAngel performs She Gets Me at Boardner's Club Moscow 2.0 in Hollywood, March 18th, 2015.

2011 Acting Reel, 2015 coming.

The amazingly out of this World Webisode Space Hospital from the minds of Robert Poe and Sig Ueland.  Guest starring Dan as

The Robot Baby-Savior in Series 1 & 2 and featuring DevAngel's Instant Honey in series 2.

Sketch weirdness from Dan's early days in Hollywood with Dry Hump Comedy where he acted, wrote and produced with the truly talented DH gang.

Steamroom performed live by Dry Hump Comedy at The Lounge Theatre in Hollywood, Summer 2006 with Dan as the unforgettable, charismatic and  atrociously magnetic Dank Bush.

Dan Ramberg

Dan Ramberg


Credits Include Film: 'Out On Parole', 'Constructing Mulligan's Stew', TV: 'The Joker & The Thief', 'Bounty Hunters', 'Space Hospital' Stage: 'Dry Hump Comedy', 'Need', 'Disturbed', 'Take It Deep'


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Frontman, Founder, Songwriter & Producer for DevAngel. CoFounder, Co-Frontman & Co-Writer for Dans. Frontman, Founder, Producer & Songwriter for The P.T.A.


Film, TV & Video: The Answers are Within, SharkDog(in production), She Gets Me, Dark Flower, My Michelle, Dry Hump Comedy.  Music: DevAngel 11, The Good, Bad & Between EP


Featured Videos: 11.11